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Horse Development from the Heart:

Best performance with happy & healthy horses!

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Horse Development from the Heart

Saskia is a very all-round Rider and Horse Trainer.

She has learned from many different horses and disciplines

how to always adapt to the individual equine partner.

Love and respect for the horse are the main drivers for her success.

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About Your Next Favorite Horse Trainer

Every horse and rider deserve good education

I see horses. I have observed them since before I could talk. I see what they are, who they are and how they feel. Horses are fascinating animals, that are more similar to us than you may think. They can experience the same full pallet of emotions that we humans have. On top of that, horses are masters at reading them without talking. Through expression and body language they show me their world and what they experience in our human world.

I see something in every horse. I love to help the individual pair of horse and rider to find the next best step. This can be very different, depending on the horse and his owner and the goals they have. Wether you would like me to educate your horse or you need help with your riding, just start by telling me your story!

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Satisfied Owners: Happier Horses


“I feel very gifted and enriched by your Online Workshop and if I had a magic wand, I would wish that many, many people hear about your courses and participate! Because you think from the horses perspective and you promote the relationship and communication between horse and human.”

Chenoa Franco with Roman


"For my horse Diodati it is stressful to travel. So I sent Saskia a video of me riding at home to ask for her feedback. She watched it multiple times, first to assess me and then my horse.
The first tips were about my own posture and aids, which I could easily apply during my training. I got good advice about my hand position and that improved the connection with the reins. Saskia also gave me some exercises to try, that would help my horse carry himself better.
Her feedback was entirely focused on what I can improve and what movements would benefit my horse, not making my horse do specific things. We can really progress for the coming time with her input. Very convenient to have a coach on demand!"

Wendy Bouwense with Diodati


"I work at a training stable, where we mostly train dressage horses to sell. The horses arrive at our stable when they are 3 years old. Before I learned Saskia's Horse Development Method, I started the young horses in a very traditional way. First lunging, then saddling and getting on any possible way. I experienced that the horses became very stressed and nervous from this approach and also the first rides where pretty difficult...

With what I have learned from Saskia, these days are over. We have no more difficulties working with the young horses. We are more calm and consistent and the horses are more self aware and can stay relaxed. We notice that the horses are more interested, more willing and are seeking cooperation. They love to come over for just a scratch or a rub!
Starting like this in their life as a riding horse, everything is easy and can be achieved with calmness. 

I want to learn a lot more about the Horse Development approach, to be able to recognize different types of horses and adjust my training to each individual!"

Veerle Hunder

saskia and fellini

"Saskia has been training my 4 year old dressage horse for about three months while I couldn’t due to a back injury. I contacted Saskia about training my horse because I could completely trust her that she would not ask too much of him or put too much pressure on him.
Seeing her ride Kai, I very much liked her soft hands and understanding attitude when riding. Saskia always tries to get to the bottom of a problem, it is never just the horse's fault with her. She has a very good eye and sees and feels any imbalances of the horse.
She has helped my horse to better feel and use his body, not only in the dressage arena. I very much liked how Saskia has kept me in the loop about my horse’s development and how she helped me find my way back in the saddle during my recovery.
Thank you very much!"

Anne Remke with Fellini

saskia and kalsah ibn kadeen

I would love to feature your Testimonial here on my website! Send me a message :-)


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Horse Riding in the Valley

"Put your heart in your hand and touch your horse with your heart"

P. Parelli

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Saskia Hunder

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Nordhorn - Hestrup

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