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About Me

I was born in 1987 in the Netherlands.
We soon moved to France and I learned riding on Shetland Poneys in the beautiful Forrest of Bois-Guilbert, Normandy.

I never let go of this feeling: I am a girl, who loves horses

with all her heart. 

Horses can willingly share their power and grace with us, if we are able to be together in freedom of movement.

During my dressage training, or even at any competition, inside me is the girl that is cantering bareback through the forrest.

I share this feeling with the horse, it strengthens our connection.

My biggest passion is the training of young horses and preparing them for a happy life in our human environment. 

My gift to them is good education,

so they can always find friends in life.

About Saskia: About Me

Licensed Professional

Certifications in Horse Training


Feb 2020

SURE FOOT® Practitioner

1 Hoof Certified Practitioner 
SURE FOOT® Equine Stability Program


July 2020

FN Trainer C Basissport

March 2020 - July 2020
Trainer license certification course at the German FN

About Saskia: CV
About Saskia: Pro Gallery
Horse Legs

My Equine Teachers

The most important horses in my life

About Saskia: Services

Kalsah ibn Kadeen

Quarab - Kadeen Four Socks x Zarif III - born 2008

His barn name is Kai and he is my super horse!

This horse is small in size, but the greatest in everything else:

Dressage: competed at L2-level in the Netherlands until 2016, now training high level movements like canter half-pass, flying changes and piaffe.

TREC: competing at the highest international level in European Cup with starts in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Multiple top 3 and wins in 2017 and 2018, best condition price.

Show-jumping and Eventing: multi-talented Kai loves to jump, especially cross-country. We do this regularly as a fun and healthy training variation.


Kaya la Haya

KWPN - Johnson x Ferro - born 2015

Our newest addition to the barn! You can follow the education of Kaya in our training Blog here on my site.
The goal is to find our way to dressage competitions, while maintaining fun in the process!
She is a very attentive horse and likes to do new things together.



Arabian - Vatican x Peleng - born 1995

Dervish was my first horse. My mother and aunt made my dream come true. He came to the Netherlands from Tersk Stud in Russia.
Between 2000 and 2004 Dervish and I spent almost every afternoon on trail rides through the forrest. 
He also learned me a lot about horse behaviour during our play times in the paddock. 
Unfortunately we sold him, but with his new owner he right away won the first Endurance competition they participated in!



Norwegian Fjord

Donna was the first horse I took care of by myself. As long as I was willing to help the owner with carriage driving on Sunday, I could consider her mine during the rest of the week.
We participated in weekly lessons at the nearby riding club and made many trail rides. We even participated in a jumping competition! Donna teached me a lot about motivation, persistance, working together and leadership.

Wild Horses

My Teachers: 

Inspiring and Motivating People

Horses come first and then you need great horse people along the way

About Saskia: Classes

Karen Rohlf

Dressage Naturally

From Partnership to Piaffe

Saskia was coached directly by Karen

during 3 days at the

Dressage Naturally Event 2016, 

Assen the Netherlands.

Karen Rohlf has been a big influence

on her dressage riding style.


Wendy Murdoch

Murdoch Method

Saskia's first experience with the

Murdoch Method was at a Clinic in 2017,

taught by Tessa Roos.

In 2018 and 2019 Saskia attended 2-day

Open Clinics with Wendy Murdoch

in Lienden, the Netherlands.

Wendy is brilliant in bringing horse and rider in balance through movement.


Anja Beran

Classical Dressage

Dressage for the horse, training entirely based on the nature of the horse.

In 2019 Saskia participated with Kalsah in a 2-day Clinic with Anja Beran in Callantsoog, the Netherlands.



Akasha Riding Art

Anne-Levien is an Akasha rider position and posture coach. She has taught Saskia dressage with mental and physical balance of horse and rider.

Anne-Levien has amazing feel and a good eye for small changes with a big effect.

She offers riding and groundwork lessons, and also animal communication.


Pat and Linda Parelli

Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Saskia achieved Level 3 Horseman's Award in 2015 with Kalsah ibn Kadeen,

by online Auditions:

- On Line

- Liberty

- Freestyle

Saskia was coached by Parelli instructors during multiple courses and lessons

from 2009 through 2015.

During these years she has learned about the foundation of horse development.


Liesbeth Jorna

Sport & Horsemanship United

Liesbeth is an allround horsewoman and in her teaching she combines the knowledge of dressage sport and natural horsemanship.

She is a Dressage Naturally Coach and has coached Saskia at training days and by private lessons.

Every horse deserves good training. To let your horse benefit from my scope and experience:
Send me a message today!


Fast Fabrics

Designed to make you move

FastFabrics is a Dutch brand for high-demanding equestrians and bike riders. 

FastFabrics develops sports products that are unique in their use of materials and design. By combining ergonomics with technical innovative fabrics, they offer products for the die hards!

Saskia is a Team Rider for FastFabrics and uses their products during long distance rides in international TREC competitions. 

20160716 NK TREC 2016 (202).JPG
About Saskia: Projects
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