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And so it all begins...

When you think about something long enough, something you really want with all your heart, you might find yourself realizing: "There is nothing left to think about, let's DO this!"

All my life I have been fascinated with horses. Many people claim this, but when I hear my grandmother talk about my childhood days, this fascination gets a deeper meaning. Fortunately my mother supported me to develop my passion from a very young age.

My Mom also always told me: "If you really want something and believe in yourself, you can do it" Basically the best parenting advice ever :)

So there I went, living my whole life with one big dream, one thing I really want: my own farm to live in a herd of horses.


During my professional career in the automotive industry, I learned a lot about project management and communication. I found out that sharing and clearly communicating an idea can bring collaboration and support.

If I would love to train young horses and you just bought one, that is an opportunity for common goals. We could start a project together and both benefit.

But I need to tell you about my ideas first!


So here I go: this is my website, here is my blog and I will be sharing my plans with you!

This is the start and I would love to meet you and your horses along the way :)

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