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Communication with the Shoulders

Continuing on the topic of shoulder alignment (see last Blog Post "Where are the shoulders going?") Kaya and I have spent some time improving our communication: the connection between my shoulders and hers...

This time, instead of reading... you can just sit back and watch a video :-)

I have uploaded a video to my Youtube channel, about an exercise with a square of poles. It is so helpful to use poles, cones, cavaletti and other obstacles when riding.

Benefits of using tools and obstacles are plenty!

For the rider:

  • we have a clearer plan, and therefore a clearer intention

  • we can better recognize our own alignment

  • there is a focus point to keep watching where you're going

  • no accepting "maybe" answers, we achieved our goal or we didn't. This makes it super easy to know when to try again and when to reward big time!

For the horse:

  • the horse can relate to what we are asking, moving towards/away/around makes more sense than just riding exercises in open space

  • the horse is mentally challenged and engaged, trainings are more varied and interesting

  • healthy movement and posture are coming more naturally

Enjoy this video and you can leave me any questions in the comments!

Love from Saskia and Kaya

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