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Don't get your hopes up too soon...

So last week I went to look at the first potential candidate for my Dressage Diva project. It was not far from my home so it was easy to arrange a visit. I asked two people to join me, because you always see more together and I sometimes need someone to tell me to keep my feet on the ground ;-)

The picture in the ad was promising! A very well built horse with good pedigree, 3 years old an no lunging experience, perfect!

During the visit we all looked for any flaws, but apart from the front feet turned inwards slightly, we couldn't find any.

Yesterday the owner and I brought the horse to a nearby horse clinic for the veterinary examination. It was a lovely day and somehow I just expected this to go fine... Well, it didn't!

Unfortunately, during the exam a minor lameness in the right front leg was discovered. It can be something small, just a wild night in the field with her friends maybe. But when you're buying, it could be a big risk to take.

So I did the sensible thing and left the mare at her owner. Although I still really like this horse, we can not afford to risk our luck!


Whenever you go out looking for horses to buy, just remember:

- Stay as unbiased as you can, even if the horse looks amazing

- Always bring a knowledgeable friend along

- Even with young horses, always take the horse through a veterinary exam!

- And last but not least, don't get your hopes up too soon...

Love, Saskia

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