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How I chose my Logo

A strong brand always comes with a good Logo: easy to recognize, unique and matching with the brand. So if my goal is to stand out in the equestrian world and be recognized for what I offer, I need a good Logo!


I like to share with you how I chose my Logo. I didn't know how to start and I always thought it would be difficult and expensive! But I found out it doesn't have to be, so maybe this is helpful to you.

Also, I like to let you know the reason behind this Logo. So you know where to recognize me by :-)

Once I decided to invest in my own development, to one day turn my passion into a business, I could already take the first step: start with the marketing foundation by publishing my own website.

I was not really convinced by the idea of marketing myself at this moment, to be honest I had my reservations.

But my dear Aunt, who is a talented artist painter like my mother, somehow managed to convince me. Now I am really glad she did!

One of my favorite sayings is:

~ The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. ~


Actually it is really fun to make a website! Nowadays it is not as complicated anymore. I remember how my father spent whole days at the computer to build websites at the very beginning of the internet era... I prefer to spend my time outside with the horses!

With the wix platform I chose, it is very simpel to build a nice website and there are more companies providing similar services.

And nice bonus was that there is a simpel module to design a logo for your site! Great, just what I needed :-)


The elements of my Logo:

- the heart shape

- my name

- the colors

The heart shape

This is a dynamic shape, when you follow it's lines it is constantly changing. It almost looks as if it is moving. Horses are designed to move and are most beautiful in motion. I will always dynamically adapt to the horse I am training.

The heart is also a balanced and symmetrical shape. I help every horse to find the next step to improved balance and symmetry.

And I do everything with love!

My name

I am Saskia, nice to meet you! I build a personal relationship with every horse I meet. I will always be myself and genuine, for horses and humans too ;-)

I would love to be valued for me and what I have to offer!

The colors

I was looking for very natural colors, colors that go well with horses. Green and blue are my favorite colors, but for my Logo they are too cold. I wanted my Logo to feel warm and welcoming. The touch of orange also hints at my Dutch roots!

~ from Saskia, with Love

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