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Looking for the next Dressage Diva

An idea has been living around in my imagination, my dreams and my 5-year plans long enough, it now has taken solid form: I will buy a young mare to develop as a Dressage horse!

I love to give horses a good start, the best start I can image even! I also really want to make a positive impact in the competition world, in the way I can do best.

So right now I am looking for that one very lucky horse :) it will be a mare, with dressage talent of course, but absolutely no experience. I will find that nice mover, straight from the field! And from scratch will take on the challenge to take her all the way to dressage competition performances.

The best part is: you can follow us on the way!

I will be posting some updates during my search and document the adventures of "the next Dressage Diva" here on my blog :)

I hope it will be inspiring and bring a different view on how a competition horse can be developed from the heart 💓

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