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Of Holiday gifts and New year plans

Where do you want to go in 2019?

It is funny, only because we change from December to January this is the time to make new plans. I like to make plans, but maybe I make as many in April as now ;-)

What makes this time of year more special for me, are the gifts and thankful retrospect on the last 12 months... By gifts I mean what great moments we share, between family and friends, but of course also with my horses.

In 2018 I have received many gifts from my horses.

Best moments with Kai:

- Kai helped me start lovely Cappuccino under saddle

- We did 5 TREC competitions in Germany and France, best placings: 2nd at Euro-Cup Züsch and 1st place at Euro-Cup Weitershain!!

- Very cool training course in Lienden with Wendy Murdoch, where Kai was just the perfect partner for me to learn and improve my posture in the saddle

- Amazing moments with my 8-year-old niece: she has learned to ride on Kai, starting at age 3. This year's Christmas gift from Kai: it was the first time she could ride by herself in the big outdoor arena and canter around like two happy kids. So proud!

Best moments with Kaya:

- That we found her is an amazing highlight in 2018 :-D

- Building a bond between us, her finding trust and relaxation in her new environment, in me and in herself

- Our training progress is amazing, she likes to develop and learn new things, I love her attitude

- Today a Christmas gift from Kaya: the first time "riding" !! We could do some hindquarter yields, backwards and one circle at the walk, just perfect...


As I said, I make new plans all the time... So no big deal for 2019, or is it:

- In 2019 Kaya will learn how to be a beautiful dressage horse

- In 2019 I will travel with Kaya to different places for training

- In 2019 I will go on the first of many trail rides with my 2 horses

- In 2019 I will support my dear family Thomas, Daivy, Kira, Kai and Kaya, and we will have some beautiful new adventures to create new memories!

Ok, you're right, 2019 is a big deal!! Quick, go make plans!! ;-)

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