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Ride like doing Research

A recent messaging conversation with my best friend inspired me to write this blog. Riding is all about applying knowledge, not only in the correct way but especially with the correct intention... These were our messages, on a Monday evening right after riding:

me: Today we did flying changes every 4 strides for the first time, and it went very well!

Friend: Oh that's impressive!!!

me: Yes, I thought I'd just try and see what happens... And then we could do it 4 diagonals in a row 😲😁

Friend: Wow, so from now on you should always "just try"... and then magic happens 😉

me: Haha yes you're so right!

I have often been trying to exactly describe what I do when I ride. But this isn't easy because there is so much going on at the same time! Now I can state clearly, that when riding really works:

It is like doing Educated Research.

You see, in riding there are many "general truths". We all know the theory of riding, right? The problem with these general truths is, they all depend on many aspects to work already.

Rider balance and fitness, timing of the aids, feeling the asymmetry in the movement, spatial awareness... A few of the prerequisites that you cannot acquire only from learning more theory about riding.

How do we learn chemistry in school and start to understand the reaction formulas? By using the power of experiments!

And only by doing a crazy amount of experiments could the great scientific minds make breakthrough discoveries that shaped our history.

Scientists don't get discouraged when an experiment fails, because they have collected new data. It is just as valuable to find out that something doesn't work. This will be input for the next experiment, a new idea, new possibilities!

If you want to progress in the course of history you are writing with your horse, so actually shape your future together, start riding like doing research!

When you start every training with the intention of doing research, you will:

  • stay curious and open minded for new findings

  • stop worrying about the outcome, let the outcome of your exercises be new data (instead of only having the failure/success option)

  • keep looking for new knowledge and new ways to experiment

  • have to think about what you're doing (your horse will love that clarity!)

  • and you will never get frustrated because you will be grateful for the opportunity to learn

No more "have to"... Always "just try"!

And this will open the door to these great Eureka moments...

Where your thought, through your actions with curious intention and an open mind, can become reality! If that perfect half pass exists in your mind and you keep doing many experiments to work towards the end result, you will make it reality...

Riding like Research, that is what I do!

And that is what I want to teach every rider on this planet so our horses can reach their unique potential. Are you with me?

Write your next (or recent) experiment in the comments below and let's inspire each other 😊 To Science!

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