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Welcome Kaya!

Remember when I told you that I am looking out for my next Dressage horse? I found her! Or maybe she found me?


On a Sunday three weeks ago we went out to have a look at Kaya la Haya. A 3 years old mare with a promising pedigree and even better looks! The picture above was from the ad, I admit that staying objective was already a challenge at this point...


At la Haya stables Kaya convinced me pretty soon. She was asked to move in the big paddock and she showed her dressage pedigree very well. I liked that but she convinced me with something else: once she took a break and walked for a bit, she came straight to me!

Unlike the other young horses we had seen, she was curious about me. As soon as she showed this positive and open attitude, I was really looking forward to get to know her!


Two weeks ago I brought her home, and we have started of great. I have a really good feeling about this mare. She is nice to work with because she is sensitive to communication and cues. She has a personality, she likes to do stuff and investigate anything new. What a great foundation to start our journey towards Dressage competition!

Kaya has her own opinion about everything, so she will share with me what works along the way ;-)


Welcome Kaya, make yourself at home 😘

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