Brings your horse to the next level in 90 Days


Your Ultimate Guide to Horse Training!

Get laser focused on your specific goals. Learn the most efficient and enjoyable way to make progress. This Training Planner will turn your dreams into reality by defining step-by-step weekly and daily training plans. 


Plan for Success and you will have the Certainty you need to turn Potential into Results!


Topics include:

  • 90-Day Goal setting
  • Relationship, Understanding and Biomechanics - the 3 Pillars of Horse Development
  • Strength, Stamina and Suppleness - the 3S Types of training
  • Recovery Training
  • Training intensity and avoiding over-training
  • Defining training themes
  • Monthly, weekly and daily plans
  • Progress Review


With such a clear plan your Success is inevitable!

This planner is to the point and you can start using it today.

It will help you develop your horse, the horse friendly and efficient way...

And in 90 days from now: enjoy the results!

Horse Training Planner by Saskia Gerritsen

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  • 12 Pages PDF Document + 2 Digital Forms for Week and Day Plan

  • 24.6 MB zip-file