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Saskia's 7 Week Training Plan

In the first week I'll teach about making Progress without over-training: prevent injuries, healthy training and recovery training sessions.
Cavaletti exercises: walk and trot on straight lines.

In week 2 there is a lot of information about Supercompensation in the athletes body and how to use it in our advantage. This is also the main reason why it is so important to add variety to your week.
Cavaletti exercises: walk and trot on a circle.

During week 3 I'll talk about the importance and benefits of groundwork. A varied and healthy groundwork session is just as valuable as training under saddle and I describe how you can build up a session.
Cavaletti exercises: canter in straight line

The half-way point is all about the details of a correct session build up. What happens in your horse's body during the warming up, peak training and cool-down. This is important not only for your horse's physical well-being but also his mental state and how he feels about working with you.
Cavaletti exercises: combination of trot and canter on a circle with transitions

One of my favourites: the Freedom Week! Here I share a lot about Relaxing days and how to make the most out of the days, weeks or even months where you want to take a break from training.  
Groundwork exercises: focus on lateral bending and engaging the hind legs

In week 6 I teach the benefits of making Exercise Combinations. The targeting of one effect through different movements takes training fast forward. Your horse will be challenged and be more engaged mentally and physically when you start mixing your exercises together.
Exercises (riding or groundwork): Active inside hind combo & Free the shoulders balance combo

I will keep week 7 a surprise for the end ;-) 

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About Saskia

Saskia Gerritsen is the Owner of Saskia Horse Development. She has over 20 years of experience in training horses and has a solid and versatile background competing in multiple disciplines: dressage, jumping, cross-country, TREC (long distance) and carriage driving.

Saskia has started dozens of horses with her horse-focused and friendly approach. Even the most tense horse learns to trust, relax and understand her training. She teaches her training method to many students, which see results directly from the first session and achieve a long lasting improvement in the communication with their horse.