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Online Education

Courses and Workshops with Saskia

On this page, you can book your spot for one of the Courses:

  • Horse Training Planning Fast-Track

  • Horse Sense Mastery - 6 Weeks Workshop

The workshops are organized a few times per year. If you can't book right now, this means we are going through a workshop with the current class. 

Look out for new course dates in my Newsletter :-) 

I promise you will be the first to know when enrollment is open again!


Horse Sense Mastery

€ 297

This Workshop Will Help You Master the Skills of
Independent Learning and Training

by Gaining a Deep Level of Understanding Your Horse!

Enrollment CLOSED, join the waitlist:

Horse Training Planning Fast-Track

€ 97

Fast Track your Success with the Horse Training Planner. Learn everything behind this powerful tool in this interactive course.

Reach your Goals and train a happy and healthy horse!


Coaching Programs

Check out the long time coaching programs for Horse owners at every level

3 Month Coaching - Save 15%
6 Month Coaching - Save 20%
12 Month Coaching - Save 25%


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