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All my offers for international Students

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LIVE Remote Lessons & 
Video Feedback

Get instant Training Feedback from Saskia by sending in a Video with your phone, or book a Remote Lesson

Online Courses & Coaching

Learn about Horse Development from the comfort of your home by Private Coaching:

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Buy the Horse Training Planner right here on our website

Online Education: Projects

LIVE Remote Lesson with Move 'N Coach

Take a live lesson with Saskia through the MOVE 'N COACH program:
1. Livestream your riding
2. Audio by phonecall
3. Ride as if I'm right there with you!

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Video Feedback in the EquiPro App

Get Instant Support by sending in your training video through the EquiPro App in 3 simple steps:
1. Record a video with your phone
2. Send it to me for feedback
3. Watch your video with my recorded tips!

Online Education: About
Online Education: About

Coaching Programs

Check out the long time coaching programs for Horse owners at every level

3 Month Coaching - Save 5%
6 Month Coaching - Save 10%
12 Month Coaching - Save 15%

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Book a Personal Call

Online Education: Bookings
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